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Mecha Decal Instructions

Before You Start!

Aside from your sheet of Mecha Decals, there’s a few things you’ll need before you start:

  • hobby knife or decal scissors
  • small container of water
  • tweezers
  • cotton buds or a makeup sponge
  • a small brush (to maneuver the decals into position)
  • decal setting solution (optional)
  • decal softening solution (optional)

Step 1

Carefully cut out the desired decal from the sheet using a sharp hobby knife or decal scissors. Leave a small margin around the decal to avoid cutting into the design.


Step 2

Fill a shallow dish with warm (not hot) water. Submerge the decal in the water for about 15-30 seconds, or until the decal starts to slide off the backing paper.


Step 3

Use tweezers to gently lift the decal from the water, holding it by the edges. Avoid touching the printed part of the decal.


Step 4

Carefully slide the decal onto the model surface. Position it using the tweezers or a moistened fingertip until it’s in the desired location.


Step 5

Gently press down on the decal with a cotton bud or a piece of makeup sponge to remove excess water and air bubbles trapped beneath the decal.


Step 6

If needed, apply a decal setting solution (like Micro Set) to help the decal adhere to the surface of the piece. Use a soft brush to spread the solution over the decal.


Step 7

If needed, apply a decal softening solution (like Micro Sol) to help the decal conform to complex surfaces. Use a soft brush to spread the solution over the decal.


Step 8

Allow the decal to dry completely. This may take several hours to overnight, so be patient. Avoid touching or disturbing the decal during this time.


Step 9

Once the decal is completely dry and set, seal it with a clear coat (gloss or matte) to protect it and provide a uniform finish to the entire model.


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